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FIG began long ago, when I discovered a thankless passion and true love of flowers as a  young pup in the Minneapolis floral community.  Over the years, (18 to be exact) working my way up from "bucket girl," to  managing a number of high profile shops, I am now bringing my experience, creativity and drive to the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul community,  hence figfloralgarden has been born. Every event is a new beginning, every order a new start to fufill my clients emotions. Texture, color and creativity drive my day. I create, I get dirty and I welcome you into my world of urban lush with open arms. Support a LOCAL florist today, flowers with a purpose, I am only the vessel..... 

As of July 2018, this little figgy and her longtime life, best friend, soul mate, sig. other Nathanial, purchased a existing flower shop after searching for the right fit for over 10 years. Bayside Just Because Floral and Gift in Spring Park,MN has been a long standing family owned fixture in the Lake Minnetonka/ Mound community for over 20 years! Nate and Gwen are excited to bring some new ideas and look forward to becoming part of the community!  

​Oh - what a couple years it has been! Approaching the 2 year anniversary of FIG floral/garden and we have some exciting news! We have a location! As of mid July we have purchased Bayside (just because) Floral and Gifts out in the Lake Minnetonka area, upon the purchase we have decided FIG will be no longer- Gwen will still be running the show out at Bayside, and the FIG weddings are going with her, but we are going to keep the Bayside name and 20+ year family owned tradition. So many good things are coming with having a physical location, and a presence in a welcoming community.  You will now be able to reach us (AND ORDER ONLINE!) at 952.471.4700 or You can also come and visit, 4310 Shoreline Drive, Spring Park,MN 55384. (although I may put you to work! ) 

That's me! I am a bit of a nut. There isn't anything like a van full of flowers and off to the next event! Crank up that music and DRIVE!

I have ALWAYS been drawn to quotations, poems and limericks... 



About FIG... (and now Bayside Floral!) 

Some of MY FAVORITE flowers!